POMS Announces the Release of POMSnet R500.3 End-to-End HTML5 UI


POMS Announces the Release of POMSnet R500.3 With HTML5 User Interface and Touch Screen-Enabled, Web-Based Manufacturing Execution System

Washington, D.C.-based POMS Corporation announces the next major release of POMSnet, R500.3. POMSnet R500.3 is an industry-leading, cloud-enabled, HTML5 manufacturing execution system. This release provides enhanced user experience by leveraging HTML5 technologies for the most comprehensive, commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) MES product available to the life sciences industry. POMSnet MES enables life science manufacturers (i.e., pharma, biotech, medical device, cell/gene therapy) to implement regulatory-compliant, paperless manufacturing workflows for batch records and product release. POMSnet R500.3 includes a user interface style update with responsive actions, including touch screen enabled hand gestures, zooming, and finger scrolling. Browser compatibility is greatly increased and now allows HTML5-enabled browser selection to run the web-based application. Mobile device delivery and responsive technology fit POMSnet R500.3 onto any mobile device screen.

In addition to the full HTML5 update of the product, POMS has also added other significant features and enhancements such as the following:

  • Dispensing Dashboard displays the overall batch details (i.e., order, batch, product, lot, status, dispense times and exceptions) and dispenses details (i.e., dispense details for each Bill of Material line item, such as containers dispensed, quantities, times, locations and scales).
  • Query Manager allows users to define and create any database query report against the POMS database. All the data is exposed for user query and reporting. This will also allow POMS to continue to add standard product reports/queries in ongoing releases based on customer requests. This release provided 70 standard out-of-the-box query reports.
  • An enhanced version of Specification Manager to support faster recipe batch record management and changes. In addition, with the HTML5 updates, batch record recipes will now support advanced instructional text such as links to pictures, videos, and advanced text formatted instructions. Recipe procedure function charts now also support graphic objects with configurable dynamic behaviors.

Life science manufacturers are regulated by regulatory authorities and current good manufacturing practices cGMP in the production process of pharmaceutical and biotech medicines and required to follow safety procedures. Companies have traditionally sought paper forms to document the production process recipe and specifications followed during manufacturing. With POMSnet R500.3 the manufacturing workflow can be implemented, monitored, and controlled by the manufacturing execution system to ensure regulatory guidelines are followed, best practices are implemented, and cGMP is enforced.

POMS Corporation, based out of Washington, D.C., is an MES software provider that counts five of the world’s 10 largest pharmaceutical companies among its clients.

“Short term, our goal is to get this technology out in front of our customers so they can recognize the benefits quickly,” said Patrick Nazzaro, General Manager at POMS. “Longer term, the technology offers us the capability to do more rapid agile development and release the extensive, feature-rich functionality the industry demands.”

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POMSnet R500.3 release is available now by contacting POMS Corporation.

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A Washington, D.C.-based provider of Manufacturing Execution System software for regulated life science companies. POMS provides web-based and cloud-based MES solutions for life science manufacturers ensuring FDA compliance and 21 CFR Part 11 electronic signatures for electronic batch records. POMS Corporation is a company in the Perseus Operating Group with the parent company Constellation Software Inc. headquartered in Toronto, Canada, and traded on the Toronto Stock exchange with $3.1 billion revenue and 16,000 employees worldwide.

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