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Find out just how much your digital transformation initiative can save. Whether you are an existing paper based cGMP operations or a new start up the MES ROI is an important step in helping decide if digital is right for you. You can use the ROI tool below to enter business information about your cGMP facility operations and the calculator results will provide a savings estimate.

Major impacted areas for cost savings are adjustable below. Default setting of additional areas are listed in the table below. You can use our industry knowledge defaults settings or adjust to your specific. For addition questions or drill down even deeper contact POMS now to learn more.

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People Management

The number of people required to support the compliance lifecycle of a cGMP paper batch records, investigations, and data integrity.

Paper Batch Record Review and Handling?

Operators Doing Manual Verifications

Document Authors of Paper Batch Records

People doing Quality Investigations?

People Transcribing Data Into Other Business Systems (ERP, Excel, QMS)?

Efficiency Improvement Target % of the above People


Performance Improvement

The area of your operations related to performance and cycle time of batch releases with a new automated manufacturing execution system. There are a number of ways thar your operations will improve speed and performance by going digital all while improving quality and compliance. Providing easy to understand user interfaces that clearly guide operators to do correct steps, seamless integration between laboratory testing and manufacturing, and implementing procedures like Review-by-Exception in a validated system.

The top performing companies configure continuous improvement procedures into the digital cGMP workflow for room cleanings and expirations, equipment calibrations and expirations, environmental storage conditions, and providing data and mobility to the whole organization.
To get an overview of the impact to total revenue and quality release enter the information below or accept the default value.

What is the total product revenue per year?


Review and release time for a paper batch record?


Target % Improvement of Release Time


Quality Improvement & Data Integrity

Paper batch records inherently introduce a wide variety of day-to-day Data Integrity issues. Companies grapple with managing an unwinnable battle often resulting in overburdening Quality and Manufacturing with excessive training or corrective action and preventative action CAPA investigations that are easily eliminated with POMSnet MES. Many of these exception and deviations are categorized as the following acronym by the Food and Drug Administration FDA, European Medicinal Agency EMA, and the International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers ISPE.


Attributable – Easily identifiable to the person who did the data collection

Legible – easily readable by an auditor or others

Contemporaneous – The time of data entry should correspond accurately with the real time of data recording

Original – Preserving the authenticity

Accurate – Error free, complete, and viable. No deletions

What is the total number of deviations per year?


Target % Improvement of Data Intergrity


Material Management Improvement

Sometimes catastrophic failure can occur during production processing that ultimately requires a complete and total loss of raw materials, work in progress WIP, or finished product goods. Life Science manufacturers experience many reasons for this loss from inaccurate testing, not following critical process steps, to failed raw material supplier and not able to track genealogy of raw good through manufacturing. Whatever the case the cost of raw materials, intermediate drug substances or active pharmaceutical ingredients APIs are a devastating loss. We know some customers have biological batches worth of $10 million and a loss is unacceptable. A stable product supply is needed by the patient population who rely on our automated manufacturing execution systems to reliably support manufacturing to supply medications and therapies. For the MES ROI calculation below enter in cost of a batch of finished good product and the number of times this has occurred historically.

Cost of a lost finished product batch


Number of lost batches from previous year?

Additional MES ROI Adjustments

You can further edit our assumptions to fit your GMP Facility needs?

Industry Baselines Description Industry Your Adjustment

Cost of Deviations

The total sum cost of reviewing and completing a minor deviation and CAPA by all staff



Average Salary

Across all departments and benefits the typical salary a company pays out. Also known as "cost per head"





Based on the assumptions above, your results are:

Performance Improvement

Quality Improvement

People Management

Material Improvement

Total Annual Savings

Congratulations! Your business could save:

annually and  in 5 years!

Your saving will be  in 1 year.

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The investment for a complete MES can vary widely, and there is really no short cut to determining what the cost will be for your company.

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