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Since our first MES implementation in 1988, POMS® Corporation has been, and remains, an easy choice for success globally.

Where Smart Manufacturing Meets Paperless Manufacturing

Over 30 years of life science experience knowledge built-in and delivered by the industry

Where Smart Manufacturing Meets Paperless Manufacturing
  • Aesthetic User Interface

    Aesthetic User Interface

  • Mobile Device Ready

    Mobile Device Ready

  • Operator Intuitive Screens

    Operator Intuitive Screens

  • Cloud Based & Web Based

    Cloud Based & Web Based

  • SaaS Model Options

    SaaS Model Options

  • Commercial off-the-shelf

    Commercial off-the-shelf

  • Browser Independent

    Browser Independent

Doing Our Part to Deliver Medicine & Therapies, Safely & Easily by Innovation

POMS Corporation’s industry knowledge, validation experience, and MES technology are unparalleled in the cGMP environment. POMS Corporation MES Product set the standard for manufacturing in Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Cell & Gene Therapy, Medical Device, Consumer Packaged Goods, and other regulated industries.
POMS is committed to improving the effectiveness, competitiveness, and compliance of regulated manufacturers by delivering proven, world-class manufacturing execution system MES solutions that integrate seamlessly with other enterprise applications.

Unparalleled Experience
POMSnet Aquila; Industry’s leading Manufacturing Execution System

POMSnet Aquila is the industry’s leading Manufacturing Execution System MES integrating ERP through plant floor control into a comprehensive electronic batch record standardized solution.  POMSnet  meets the global challenge of Life Sciences with industry specific functionality.

  • Browser Independent

    Browser Independent

  • First MES in Pharma With Paperless and Release-By-Exception

    First MES in Pharma With Paperless and Release-By-Exception

  • Simple Clear Pricing

    Simple Clear Pricing

  • Touch Screen Enabled

    Touch Screen Enabled

  • 30 Years of Experience

    30 Years of Experience

  • Pharma 4.0

    Pharma 4.0

  • All Modules Included on Day One

    All Modules Included on Day One

  • Customer Support 24 / 7

    Customer Support 24 / 7

Why Select POMS Corporation? The Numbers Speak for Themselves

  • Life Science is our DNA


    Life Science is our DNA

    POMS average years of employee experience

  • Customer Work Orders


    Customer Work Orders

    Lifetime work orders completed with POMSnet

  • Total integrations (IIoT)


    Total integrations (IIoT)

    Scales, Tags, APIs, Equipment, Internet of Things

  • Over $1 Trillion Customers' Annual Revenue Produced with POMS


    Over $1 Trillion Customers' Annual Revenue Produced with POMS


What Our Clients Say


"The platform (POMSnet) is very easy to learn and understand. The MES Support Team is quite good and helping every context, which is commendable. POMSnet reduces process complexity while increasing operational and production consistency, and minimizing risk. The system is helping us to save costs."

From Gartner Peer Insights Review
Project Manager Data & Analytics
$3 Billion Company


"The manufacturing model is made simple with automated execution and control."

R&D Product Development
$10 Billion Company


"POMS Corporation’s truly web-based POMSnet MES application with its out-of-the-box SPEED project package and ability to be fully hosted in the Cloud allowed us to achieve our project goals for a validated material management and traceability MES application in 3 months."

Pharmaceutical Customer
VP Finance and Project Management


"The upcoming leader and future generation execution systems!"

Project Manager
$1 Billion Company


"Extremely informative - very good to get a look at the future and all of the innovations made available. Also, very important that we were able to provide feedback directly to the POMS team for improved visibility down the line."

POMS 2019 User Group
Lake Geneva, WI


"The automated approach makes the manufacturing process easier"

Senior Application Analyst
$10 Billion Company

Thinking About Electronic Batch Records?

Use our ROI calculator to find out how much your company can save implementing POMSnet Aquila MES by completing this ROI calculator.

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