POMSnet Aquila MES
Electronic Batch Record Software for Compliance, Control, and Execution
in Regulated GMP Facilities

Reach for the Clouds with POMSnet Aquila MES

POMS's continual investments in MES Research and Development results in an MES solution that is flexible, easy to learn, and does not require customization. In fact, none of our customers use a customized solution today!

POMSnet Aquila is a web-based manufacturing execution system (MES) crafted for Life Sciences manufacturing. Created using Microsoft .NET technology & HTML5, POMSnet is 100% web-based providing customers with an easy-to-learn interface that can be deployed and maintained cost effectively.

POMSnet Aquila includes recipe and specification management, materials management, equipment management, production order management, recipe execution, electronic batch records, and device history. POMSnet implements best practices and business logic for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Execution Systems. By providing a full set of specifications and authoring tools and implementing the system from the ground up using Microsoft .NET, POMS has created the next generation of MES systems on state-of-the-art technology.

Introducing the Next Generation of MES Software

POMSnet Aquila

POMSnet built with high availability Microsoft technologies is easy to implement and support. The most complex and highest valued GMP product manufacturing companies in the world use POMSnet. The POMSnet Aquila product is 100% HTML5 (mobile/touch-enabled) and web-based, developed on the latest and proven industry technologies. Keeping up with technology in the product provides our customers with a future proof and reliable solution. Our architecture options give customers the ability to host the application themselves or have POMS provide a full SaaS MES Cloud delivery and support model for the entire application infrastructure.

  • Most Comprehensive Configurable Out-of-the-box on the Market

    Most Comprehensive Configurable Out-of-the-box on the Market

  • Web-Based or Cloud-Based SaaS Model Available

    Web-Based or Cloud-Based SaaS Model Available



  • Mobile Device Ready

    Mobile Device Ready

  • Pharma 4.0

    Pharma 4.0

  • Touch Screen Enabled

    Touch Screen Enabled

POMSnet Aquila MES Comprehensive Modules & Functionality

Order Management

Create Work Orders. ERP integration or stand-alone POMSnet Aquila functionality that manages work orders for production. Built-in flexibility with life sciences best practices design.

POMSnet Aquila MES Order Management manages the creation and execution of production orders and batches. Through the Order Management page, you can create, release, hold, resume, close, and delete orders and batches and view the Electronic Batch Record (EBR) report. POMSnet manages the execution of production orders through a hierarchy of orders, batches, and splits.

Equipment Management

Know the status of all equipment in one system. Equipment Management allows complete oversight of equipment and rooms in a production facility.

POMSnet Aquila MES Equipment Management and Equipment Wizard allows users to create classes, types, and specifications for all of your equipment. Equipment Management can be an independent application or used in conjunction with the other POMSnet Aquila applications, such as Materials Management, Recipe Execution, and Weigh & Dispense. Use Equipment Management for Barcoding equipment, tracking equipment location, status checks, and equipment allocation throughout your entire GMP facility production process.

Material Management

Material Management functionality specifies raw materials, intermediates, components, and finished goods during production and warehousing. Flexible adding materials or reconciliation functions control the integrity of raw materials and finished goods in real-time.

Material Management provides functions to control the movement of materials through your plant, report waste material, and adjust material inventory. The system tracks material movement in two modes: Lot-level material movement or Container-level.

Lot-Level tracking controls and tracks a given quantity of materials at a location by its associated internal lot identifier.

Container-level material movement. Controls and tracks individual material containers.

Specification Management

Recipe authoring in an easy to use graphical user interface which includes over 100+ S88 phases library ready to use out-of-the-box.

POMSnet Aquila’s Specification Management module managers ALL specifications required to implement a proposed solution. Specification management includes version control and effectivity dating for all objects and is the heart of the recipe authoring process.

Weigh and Dispense

Weigh and Dispense is pre-built for you with industry-leading best practices for a variety of material weighing. Efficiently provide agility to workforce operations, all while meeting GMP standards.

POMSnet Aquila provides very comprehensive functions for managing central and line dispensing areas, including support for weighing by batch, campaigning weight, and multiple other optimized weigh methods. POMSnet Aquila supports more than 15 unique weigh methods with standard out-of-the-box functionality.

Quality Management

From 21 CFR Part 11 Electronic signatures and records to FIFO or FEFO inventory management, Aquila simplifies and automates the task of effectively meeting regulatory compliance.

Quality is in our DNA. Gain better insight by enforcing GMP practices locally or globally. Quality control manages expiry dating, retesting, horizon policies, lot disposition, and many other functions you would naturally expect to meet quality goals.

Personnel Management

Stay in compliance automatically with Personnel Management. Integrate with corporate Active Directory, training management systems, and secure biometric sign-on ensures a ready workforce before production starts.

Save countless hours with POMSnet Aquila. Control what tasks operators can perform according to your training and SOP group policies. POMSnet Aquila can integrate into your training management systems to share role status and role permissions in real-time.

Electronic Batch Records

Go paperless with POMSnet Aquila Electronic Batch Records. Capture all the process information, data, and events during the manufacturing process and quality review in a single source.

POMSnet Aquila provides over 50+ cGMP reports required for cGMP system management, auditing, and reporting. The POMSnet Aquila database is open and defined for customers to reference all the MES data in custom reports or data analytics applications. Query builder tools make it easy to access your data fast.

Review-by-exception & Release-by-exception

Does your quality review take hours? Now it takes minutes with POMSnet Aquila. Quality Release with POMSnet Aquila can enable release in near real-time. By leveraging automation, the quality teams only need to review the color-coded exception report.

By far, the most competitive advantage to leveraging automation and software that a company can harness is RBE. Release-by-exception goes one step further by allowing the system, under the right validated acceptance, to release the product automatically when zero exception occurred during the execution of the batch.

Worksheets and Log Books

Achieve truly paperless manufacturing with the POMSnet Aquila worksheet module.

A go-to tool for operations. Worksheets are recipe structures that do not create a final product but instead perform an operation. They can be scheduled (as part of a batch), called on an Ad hoc basis, triggered from a planned deviation or event initiated from either another recipe phase or operation outside of the recipe executions environment (as in warehouse receiving).

MES Business and Process Integration & Standards Across the Enterprise

Standard tools provide integration between POMSnet and other systems such as ERP, LIMS, CAPA, training, document management, and asset management. Templates for most common systems provide rapid implementation based on industry-standard technology. POMSnet provides direct device and process control system connectors for equipment integration. Local workstations access scales, bar-code readers, and other devices. Industry-standard OPC clients provide connectivity to process control systems. Functional interfaces based on the S88 batch standard allow POMSnet recipes to launch and supervise control system-based batch logic while capturing control system events for inclusion in the electronic batch record.

ISA-95 level 4 Business Planning and Logistics ERP Logistics Advanced planning
ISA-95 level 3 LMS WMS Manufacturing Operations and Control CMMS QMS
ISA-95 level 2 Basic Control Barcode Printers Testing
ISA-95 level 1 Device Level Actuators Sensors Alarms Events


Over 50+ standard out-of-the-box GMP Reports examples and templates to choose from.

  • Review
  • Execution
  • Audit
  • Summary
  • Full
  • And many more!

Download Examples of GMP Reports and Electronic Batch Records

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<span>POMS</span><span>net</span> <span>Aquila</span> first MES for Life Sciences built with Biometric Authentication Readiness

POMSnet Aquila first MES for Life Sciences built with Biometric Authentication Readiness

Nymi Delivers onbody, biometric enabled security for better compliance and productivity.
Touchless biometric security, compliance and productivity

  • Protected Data Integrity

    Protected Data Integrity

    Nymi Enterprise Edition can assure the integrity of the data being produced on the manufacturing floor through a combination of biometrics, on‑body detection, and strong industry-standard cryptography.

  • Assured Compliance

    Assured Compliance

    Only the right employees can perform the right tasks, at the correct times, for the right reasons. Nymi Enterprise Edition provides guaranteed data integrity that assures compliance with standards, such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

  • Enhanced Security

    Enhanced Security

    A Nymi Band authenticates to a single assigned user, and only while they wear the band. Nymi Enterprise Edition provides easy traceability and non-repudiable electronic records, which makes simplier, less intrusive audits a reality.

  • Increased Productivity

    Increased Productivity

    Secure, non-repudiable, wireless taps of the Nymi Band make cumbersome repetitive tasks, like typing passwords and paper signatures a thing of the past.

Software as a Service

For MES Cloud Hosted options POMS has partnered with Validated Cloud, a Full-Service life science compliant company. Validated Cloud services achieve the highest security requirements for private cloud solutions. The list below highlights security, data integrity, and qualifications from notable organizations:

  • 21 CFR Part 11
  • EudraLex Annex 11 and GxP
  • HIPAA compliant
  • GAMP5
  • MHRA
  • ISO 13485 (Document Management)
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 27001:2013

POMSnet customers benefit by having all aspects of the application infrastructure hosted for them. Clients can expect the latest top of the line security and rely on high availability access. POMSnet application support is available as SaaS subscription cost (monthly, quarterly, biannual, or annual).

  • Tax Benefits
  • Reduce IT Resources
  • Validated Private Cloud

The 33 Year History of POMSnet

Built By Life Science
For Life Science

From the beginning of our mission, we have delivered functionality and features for our customers based on collaboration and enriching the product with best practices. We are continually updating POMSnet with the latest features, technology, based on industry requirements and customer needs. POMS Corporation delivers continuous innovation and updates as part of the standard software life-cycle release. POMSnet boast two major updates a year to ensure GMP facilities have the latest technology and are guaranteed backward compatible with each release.

  • 1991


    Industry-leading Client-Server MES

  • 2004

    POMSnet 1.0

    First web-based MES for pharma and batch built on Microsoft .Net

  • 2011

    POMSnet R340

    Flexible recipe templates

  • 2013

    POMSnet R400

    All enhancements become a standard product.

  • 2017

    POMSnet R500.1

    Built for Mobile Devices with HTML5. Core Framework

  • 2018

    POMSnet R500.2

    Touch Screen Enabled Weigh and Dispense, Equipment Management, Material Management

  • 2019

    POMSnet R500.3

    End-to-end HTML5 completed for Electronic Batch Records

  • 2020

    POMSnet Aquila 2020.1

    New brand: POMSnet Aquila & Reporting Dashboards

  • 2020

    POMSnet Aquila 2020.2

    New Web API Phase
    Batch Record Approval Check List

  • 2021

    POMSnet Aquila 2021.1

    Auto Create Validated Recipes
    Spreadsheet Phase, & Telerik Dashboards

  • 2021

    POMSnet Aquila 2021.2

    All file types, Dynamic Operations Lock,
    Interface Dashboard, new Phases

  • 2022

    POMSnet Aquila 2022.1

    POMSnet Volare new app framework
    85+ enhancements, Mass updates

  • 2022

    POMSnet Aquila 2022.2

    70+enhancements. Nice Label Support
    New Theme, Introduce POMSnet Dashboards