MES Plant Deployment Strategies

How to expand your existing MES footprint?

Let POMS help with your next MES implementation

After a first MES project finishes now, you will have begun planning to expand your MES system to the rest of the plant operations. Some facilities may make single products others may have multiple business units. Will you need more MES licenses or MES modules to accomplish the future MES plant rollouts? These are some of the upfront questions many early customers have, and to successfully expand the POMS Consulting group can guide your strategy with years of proven experience.


With POMS Corporation, a POMSnet Aquila MES license provides all the MES functionality a facility will need in simple pricing, leaving the guesswork out of purchasing new MES modules in the future. MES implementations tend to follow a horizontal or vertical strategy. Usually, a full electronic batch record for a single product family is the goal built with enough flexibility to ramp up new products into POMSnet Aquila MES over time. Listed below are characteristics that make MES Plant rollouts cost-effective and successful. Following these practices will ensure your company’s ability to self deploy.


Recipe Authoring – Learning how to configure complex production process into POMSnet is essential. POMSnet comes with over 90+ phase library, and customers boast the ease they have learned recipe authoring.

Leverage POMS Validation Kit –  Software validation can be a challenging project phase if not approached strategically. Leverage a software validation kit with a risk-based approach to quickly and reliably validate your MES system expansion. POMSnet Validation Kit is a cost-effective solution. 

Develop Standards – Establish interfaces between your manufacturing applications to share data seamlessly. POMSnet native integration tools provide a platform for master data management that paper-based operations are unable to compete.



Expanding your MES system to the rest of your plant is essential to realize all the benefits of paperless manufacturing. With an end-to-end electronic batch record in place, product release times can improve with a review-by exception. With POMSnet Aquila web-based and cloud-based options, your company can quickly deploy quicker and faster than any other MES system on the market.

To discuss these MES Plant roll out options or any other MES questions, contact POMS Today.