MES Core Deployment Strategy

Where to Start with MES? It all starts with an MES Core rollout

Deciding on the scope of your phase 1 MES core implementation is key to a successful implementation. Achieving your goals and financial return is essential for future MES expansion and rollouts. POMS Consulting Services group can assist you with identifying and planning your first deployment strategy.


Many companies grapple with “how to” start the first MES Project because of the complexity and end-to-end manufacturing processes today. Where to draw the line on each phase’s scope can be a daunting and risky effort. Deploying an MES core implementation that meets an initial set of functional requirements is the best way to test the waters of your organization. Below are listed a few options between horizontal strategies or vertical strategies.

Material Management – The de facto MES project: Weigh & Dispense. Most companies will tackle a Weigh and Dispense project first before expanding another vertical functional processing area with MES. Its a proving ground for a company.

Equipment Management –  When paper records size isn’t a huge problem compared to the vast amounts of capital equipment and tracking across the facility, equipment management may be a better option to test the MES waters. Managing calibration, cleaning status, and allocation for production yields cost savings solutions and improves quality.

Product Family EBR – Looking to scale the results of your MES investment? Take a horizontal approach by implementing a single product family across your operations with all the MES functionality needed. Then scale to other product families.



Any of these approaches, or hybrid models, can easily be adapted to help achieve your business goals. Integrations to other business systems, automation systems, or shop floor devices can also be included in the MES Core deployment and expanded in future phases. An MES Core deployment will provide electronic records, reduce plant floor paper, and capture data for analytics to help you begin your paperless manufacturing operations.

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