MES Global Program Strategy

MES Strategy to Standardize and Harmonize your Global Operations

POMS Consulting’s expertise, matched with POMSnet Aquila solutions, has helped some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical and biotech companies achieve operational excellence. Build an MES strategy CoE organization to standardize GMP operations enterprise-wide, achieve the highest quality, and scale beyond human capacity. The largest pharma and biotech run on POMSnet MES products.


Many large pharmaceutical and biotech companies have yet to make the digital leap from paper to electronic batch records. Companies use more human resources to mitigate cost and risk of paper-based operations, but this stopgap can’t last forever as capital is needed elsewhere. POMS Corporation has a proven track record of helping companies manage their global MES programs with the lowest total cost of ownership. With new manufacturing processes like Continuous Manufacturing or personalized medicine manufactured in Cell and Gene Therapy facilities around the world, our customer base is expanding into new fields every day.


Multi Site Deployments – MES strategy is a balancing act between global and local priorities.  POMSnet allows for relaxing or enforcing rules, policies, and data access, which delivers the flexibility you need. Helping to bring harmony between corporate Engineering and local site subject matter experts.

Total Cost of Ownership – The cost profile for MES investment reduces with each phased deployment with POMS. Many of our customers have proven the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry by self-managing and deploying their own global MES programs with POMSnet Aquila.

MES Center of Excellence CoE – With many competencies and skills acquired by your entire organization during the digital transformation, its best to start a CoE group to distribute knowledge enterprise-wide. Coordinated and strategic subject matter experts use MES solutions to solve your operational challenges.


Today’s pharmaceutical and biotech industries are growing and expanding at a faster pace than ever. Software systems need to adapt to the new reality and Pharma 4.0 and manufacturing models. MES systems have been a trusted tool to help companies manage operations on a global level. With POMSnet Aquila web-based and cloud-based options, your company can quickly deploy quicker and faster than any other MES system on the market.

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