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POMS MES Consulting and MES Implementation services have over 25 years of success in software configuration for pharma & biotech manufacturers. Our team will configure and integrate POMSnet Aquila into your automation, IT application, and devices. Delivering IoT enablement is at the core of POMSnet Aquila MES.


Why Choose POMS Professional Services Group for your MES project?

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  • Strong Consulting Partnership
  • Strong Services Expertise
  • Product Functionality and Performance
  • Financial / Organizational Viability

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What Makes POMS Professional Services and
Consulting the Best Choice?

POMS Consulting group will help you get the most value from your MES investment. Servicess include ROI Study, Requirements gathering, or arch

The professional services group work on-site with your team shoulder-to-shoulder or flexible off-site remote connection. We dive deep into your business processes to uncover efficiency gains through automation. The local and global teams will work in sync to deliver cost-effective project results.

We bring our dedication to pharma engineering to every customer project. We ensure each customer project follows and adopts best practices, meets FDA requirements like 21 CFR Part 11 electronic signatures and review-by-exception. Our clients learn through hands-on knowledge transfer.

The Professional Services team averages over 15 years of experience implementing POMSnet in the MES Life Sciences industry. It can be said that many of our MES Engineers were once pharma customer Process Engineers solving the challenges you are facing today.

  • 21 CFR Part 11
  • ISA-88
  • ISA-95

Because we know MES projects are
more than IT Projects

  • It's a Manufacturing Process
  • It's an IT Program
  • It's a Quality Paradigm
  • It's an Engineering Partnership
  • It's Industry Leadership

MES Project Implementation Methodology

POMS Corporation’s Project Methodology, based on GAMP5 V-Model, is divided into seven Phases of every project: Concept, Planning, Analysis, Design, Implementation, Installation, and Commissioning. The Concept phase starts during the initial proposal. These remaining six phases, in turn, are divided into standard processes to ensure a consistent approach for all POMS MES projects.

Project Phases

Concept Phase

  • Proposal
  • Budget Estimates
  • Sale Cycle

Analysis Phase

  • Functional Requirements and Fit Analysis
  • Traceability Matrix
  • Blueprint
  • EBR Prototyping

Implementation Phase

  • System Implementation/Configuration
  • IVM - Installation Verification Manual/IQ
  • Risk Based FAT Execution/0Q

Commissioning Phase

  • Production System Setup
  • Migrate Production Data
  • Go Live
  • PQ Support

Planning Phase

  • Project plan
  • Quality Plan
  • Detailed Project Schedule

Design Phase

  • Functional Design Spec
  • Interface Design Spec
  • Infrastructure Design Spec
  • Data Plan/Definition
  • Update Traceability Matrix

Customer Installation

  • Validation System Setup
  • IQ/OQ

How to Best Deploy MES Systems?

POMS Corporation offers the full scope of project services to serve our customers and implement POMSnet, Aquila. POMS professional project services utilize experienced project engineers and project managers and our industry partners to deliver the best in class MES Implementation and MES Project services to our customers. We work to understand your business model and goals early in the MES project. POMSnet Aquila is flexible and agile to work around your business processes. Our MES professional Services Group and MES Consultant will develop options, then weigh the pros, cons, and present the report to your stakeholders.
POMS will guide you all along the way!

MES Flexible Phased Deployments

  • MES Core System

    MES Core System

    MES systems deployments are flexible and phased, depending on your goals and strategy. Material Management may be the first step before full recipe workflows. Alternatively, Equipment Management may be a priority. Whether you're a start-up Cell & Gene Therapy facility or an Oral Solid Dose Manufacturer, POMSnet Aquila will meet your goals.

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  • MES Full Electronic Batch Record

    MES Full Electronic Batch Record

    Some companies may choose to roll out full end-to-end electronic batch records in phase 1 of a project. Others may choose a single vertical to implement. We will guide your deployment options to realize operational and financial savings best.

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  • Global  MES Program

    Global MES Program

    Customers with multi-site and multiple geographies have successfully deployed POMSnet Aquila MES Global Programs. Our methodology is easy to learn, and many customers can quickly self deploy a full EBR with their internal resources. Global standardization will bring harmony to your operations.

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Manufacturing Execution System Project Team Structure

High functioning software teams can achieve powerful results.
The POMS MES team partners with customers during projects
Our MES project team members have proven results to quickly and easily onboard new customers with their MES Implementations. Experienced engineers follow the POMS project methodology, GMP documentation, and validation to transition your operations from paper to digital smoothly.
A typical project will include the following POMS team roles and qualifications.

Program Manager

Browser Independent

Program Manager

Responsible for the overall success of the project, including satisfaction and quality.

Project Manager

Browser Independent Browser Independent

Project Manager

Responsible for and manages all project resources, schedules, and budgets. Works directly with customer PM.


Browser Independent Browser Independent


This engineer, assigned as needed, is responsible for designing, configuring, and testing integration between POMSnet Aquila and process control systems.

Technical Lead

Browser Independent Browser Independent

Technical Lead

Responsible for defining the overall solution and implementation. Works with PM on daily work schedules. Brings extensive industry experience and POMSnet Aquila expertise.

Browser Independent Browser Independent

Interface Specialist

Interface Specialist

This engineer is responsible for designing, configuring, and testing integration between POMSnet Aquila and enterprise systems.

Browser Independent Browser Independent

Quality Lead

Quality Lead

The Quality lead is responsible for ensuring that all project documentation and content are consistent with the Project and Quality plan and industry regulations.

Our MES Professional Services Team Can Help Solve Your
GMP Facility Challenges

For over 33 years, POMS and the Life Science industry have partnered to face these common challenges. Companies are faced with growing paper batch records that are inefficient. Others don't have enough resources for growing companies with new pipeline products launching. Implementing review-by-exception requires skills and people to be available.

POMS Services and Consulting are ready
to support your projects for

  • Recipe Authoring

    Recipe Authoring
  • Validation

  • Testing


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