Validated Cloud

The #1 Full-Service Life Science Compliant Community Cloud

Managed IT, Compliance and Security for Regulated Systems - No IT skills required

The Validated Cloud environment is perfect for the biotechnology, biomedical and pharmaceutical service providers to the Life Sciences industry. We’ve designed Validated Cloud around the modern needs of Life Sciences companies that must adhere to 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA, Quality system, Annex 11 and ISO 13485 document control requirements. Our personnel have the experience in technical support, compliance support, audit assistance and disaster recovery. We’ve bundled the expertise’s into a complete package to provide an all-inclusive solution for both large and small Life Sciences companies.  

Validated Cloud challenges the DIY mentality, and even GxP public cloud advocates, to transform the Life Sciences industry into risk-averse, agile, clinical and commercial operators.

Validated Cloud is a collection of expert Life Sciences compliance and IT professionals working in collaboration to present a safe and universally accepted compliant platform to host validated systems for our industry.

Our Quality system, controls, operations and services are continually improving and evolving in collaboration with our customers to make the best service of its kind in the world.

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