Manufacturing Execution System Solutions from Zenith Technologies

Zenith Technologies has a vast network of manufacturing execution systems (MES) professionals ready to help you with your next MES project. Combining our global presence, knowledge and experience in the Manufacturing Executions Systems market place, Zenith is the partner of choice for MES deployment as well as supporting disparate MES technologies. Zenith has the capability to deliver value across the entire life cycle of an MES Solution, whether it be global or local roll out. We are vendor independent and have vast experience in implementing and supporting a wide range of MES software solutions. We operate in the following areas of Manufacturing Execution Systems:
  • Workflow for electronic Batch Records (eBR)
  • Weigh & Dispense
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Batch Genealogy
  • Process Monitoring
  • Asset Register
  • Energy Management & Repairs
  MES & Data Analytics MES system designers must take into consideration data usage requirements to ensure it delivers context rich data that data analytics can easily navigate 3-5 years after initial installation. If done correctly all parameters will be in one place with the same context, equipment can be identified as out of spec within hours, leading to minimal hold ups on batch releases. At Zenith Technologies we ensure that every MES project we implement drives:
  • Increase performance levels, reduced time to market, quality assurance, OEE
  • Reduce operating costs and downtime
  • Compliance with industry regulations and standards
  • Works order tracking and traceability
  • Enforce workflows and operating procedures
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Operational excellence
When designed and implemented correctly Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) can achieve productivity gains of over 25%, as well as reducing the time and stress associated with managing manufacturing using paper or hybrid systems. By replacing traditional paper-based systems with an MES solution, companies are able to generate and deal with exceptions in real-time so that manufacturing records can be reviewed in parallel with manufacturing rather than post manufacturing, and get manufacturing ‘right first time,’ both of which facilitates faster product release. At Zenith Technologies, MES consultancy, implementation and support accounts for over a third of our business. We provide business knowledge and expertise, project support, solution realisation and sustainment services, world class resources, and practical application of our experience directly to Life Science companies.

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