SL Controls

We become a key member of your team by bringing world-class knowledge to your project while remaining nimble enough to move in-line with you and your real-time requirements.

Established in 2002, SL Controls has evolved into an internationally recognised industry leader in Equipment System Integration and System Support. We work with companies in the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Healthcare and Food & Beverage Sectors who require high-level expertise in industrial IT integration and regulatory compliance. SL Controls has the capability to offer companies innovative and cost-efficient solutions in relation to automation, process analysis, validation, and serialisation. Solutions are driven by tailored programmes of work to meet each client’s needs.

Automation Solutions

SL Controls develops, programs, and validates automation solutions in manufacturing operations. We provide a range of automation and control services and have experience working for clients in a range of industries, particularly highly regulated industries such as Pharmaceutical, Biopharma, and Medical Device manufacturing. Our solutions transform your operations enabling you to benefit from the opportunities that Industry 4.0 offers. From Factory Automation to Serialisation Solutions to Validation Services, we’ll ensure your systems consistently improve to make your operation more productive.
  • Validation Services
  • Equipment System Integration
  • Factory Automation
  • Compliant Automation
  • Serialisation Services