Biometric authentication

Nymi Enterprise Edition

Weak passwords, shared credentials, and lost badges all challenge the integrity of data in complex manufacturing facilities. Nymi Enterprise Edition enhances security, which leads to improved data integrity and thus allows an enterprise to meet its compliance mandate all while increasing productivity.

Nymi was founded in 2011 in Toronto, Canada, based on research conducted at the University of Toronto. The research was focused on the electrocardiogram (ECG) and its unique properties. The ECG is different for each individual, and our founding team worked to use the heartbeat as a biometric identifier for authentication.

Initially, Nymi (Bionym at the time) was focused on licensing this technology to third-parties and OEMs to replace passwords in hardware devices. Over time, the team identified the need not just to improve or replace existing tools of authentication, but to create a completely new model of authentication: continuous, on-body authentication.

To bring this concept to market, it became necessary to develop dedicated authentication hardware. This served as the foundation of what was to become Nymi (December of 2014), and our enterprise authentication solution, Nymi Enterprise Edition.

Nymi is located at
82 Peter Street, Suite 500
Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2G5.