Balancing innovation and compliance while being in the front line of digitalization

We understand the challenges that pharmaceutical companies are facing. Your challenges.

At NNIT, we have more than 20 years of experience as an IT service provider for the pharmaceutical industry. Our work is firmly anchored in well-tested software and technology standards, which we adapt to your concrete business objectives and requirements. With extensive experience and specific competences, our experts are always at your service, no matter where in the world you need them. All our solutions are based on industry best practice. They can be integrated with your existing IT landscape and are fully compliant with the demands of the FDA, EMA and other regulators. Headquartered in Denmark, we employ more than 3,000 people globally and are present on locations in China, the Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland, Norway, the Philippines, Poland, Singapore, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the US. Please find more information about us here: https://www.nnit.com/

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